Interview: Chris Bourne

Chris Bourne’s debut solo single is out Friday and it already looks to be a smash hit. Ahead of his single debut we got to ask the star a few questions, which can be seen below a long with his video for the new track MFT80s (Music From The 80s)…

We are loving the video, how much impact did you have when it came to the video?
As an independent artist, im pretty hands on involved in everything i do.. im working with an awesome videographer @AG.creative… and together we just started filming 🙂 We shot the entire video on a go pro, it was a lot of fun !
There is a really cool abstract story within the music video, i hope the fans dig it x

Who have been your main influences when it comes to your own music? Is there someone that you really want to work with?
I have a lot of influences when it comes to music, from bands like Wheatus to Michael jackson… funnily enough my producer Jarvis was in one of my fav bands growing up (Iglu & Hartly) and now we are making music together.. its kinda crazy actually

You have previously toured with your older brother James and his band McBusted and now you are set to shadow Busted on their arena tour. How was that experience and how are you feeling about the new tour?
The Mcbusted tour was an incredible experience… never gonna forget those shows !!!!
Im just stoked to get back on the road promoting and meeting the fans, i think thats what its all about !

Would you be up for releasing a track with the boys or your brother sometime in the future?
James and i released a song as ‘Bourne Insanity’ a few years back.. ha im sure we will get round to releasing more music together down the line 🙂

What kind of advice did James give you about the industry?
James has always supported me in everything i’ve done, its kinda like a jedi/padawan situation you know lol?

You have supported Jake Miller and also Wheatus, how was that?
Both shows had great energy and awesome crowds !!

Away from music what do you enjoy doing?
I love surfing, and the beach… all i really wanna do is make music and chill on the beach

Tell us something your fans might be surprised to learn…
I can uni cycle and i can blow bubbles outa my mouth….. simultaneously 🙂

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